What Live Chat Can Do for Your Small Business

Advertising a business can be difficult without the right resources. You must have the money and the appropriate services.

This is the story of Marie, who started a small business in the city.

Marie was the owner of a small shop that sold car accessories and offered auto repair services. She was responsible for selling the accessories while her husband was responsible for the repairs. The shop was not doing well and they were looking for ways to increase the income of the shop.

They tried advertising in the local newspaper, but the daily advertising costs were more than they could handle. Then they planned to pay for ads for TV, but they immediately backed out when they learned of the ad costs. They were exorbitantly high.

“We’d better print some flyers and distribute them around town,” her husband suggested. “That would be much cheaper. I’ll just buy some colored ink to make them attractive.”

“We will do that,” Marie agreed. She admired her husband’s quick responses to her problems.

Soon their children would be in high school, and they needed more financial stability.

They distributed their business flyers to all the places they could reach, expecting good results. This endeavor actually paid off with an increase of 5 customers. But it’s still not enough for their planned expenses the following year.

Marie was worried. She wanted to expand her service network to a wider range of clients, but growth was slow.

“Why do not we set up an online website?” she said to her husband one day. She had seen smaller businesses create their own websites. Surely online advertising would work for her mid-sized business.

Her husband said, “Yes,” and that was all she needed.

Marie asked her relatives if anyone knew anything about creating websites on the Internet. Her niece volunteered to create one.

The cost to set up the website was affordable, and her niece was able to get it up and running in 24 hours. Marie and her husband were getting their hopes up. They would certainly be able to increase their sales.

Sales of their online products were up and business was picking up a bit. There were more orders from other areas of the city. Their business sales were slowly increasing.

Marie glanced at the calendar and saw that it was only 4 months until the next school year started. She needed to earn more to be able to enroll the oldest in high school.

“I think you need to advertise on your social media accounts. Can you do that for me?” asked Marie to her niece. So far, she was not interested in opening an account on any of the social media accounts. But now she needs to do that so she can post her ads.

“Sure, no problem,” she replied.

It was after a week when her niece visited her again.

“Aunt Marie, I have another suggestion,” she said excitedly. “I think you’ll earn more if you hire Live Chat Agents.”

“You think so?” asked Marie to her. She was all excited.

“Yes, Auntie, why do not we try? We can always cancel if we find it disadvantageous,” she answered, roused to experimentation.

“How much will it cost?” Marie was interested in the cost. They might not be able to afford it.

“It’s free for 60 days as a trial,” Marie’s niece replied. “If you decide to buy the services later, you can choose the cheapest plan. It can cost as little as .34 cents per hour.”

“You have done your research thoroughly, have not you?” Marie was impressed.

“The benefits you’ll have are much more than the cost. So, do not worry, Auntie. Everything will be fine.”

Marie signed up for Live Chat Agents services with the help of her niece. It was a simple process with no unnecessary requirements.

Marie was contacted by the dedicated customer care representative of the chat services and soon the Live Agents were trained with the basic information they need to know about the company.

Marie was so excited to see the app working online that she could barely sleep that night. When daylight came, she turned on her computer with trembling fingers and logged onto their website.

And, lo and behold!

What greeted her first was the Live Chat Agent, who maintained the site. The agent asked Marie how she could help her. There must be a recognition device for visitors to the site, she thought.

Marie noticed that the response time was in the seconds range and the agent was polite and helpful. She also noticed that the agent’s name was displayed in the upper left corner of the chat box.

This meant that the Live Agents had no one to blame if something went wrong during their watch. They were clearly marked with their name.

Marie and her husband visited their site frequently to test how the Live Chat worked, and they were pleased with what they observed.

The Live Chat Agents were respectful and accommodating. They also interacted well with visitors to the site.

Marie had asked her friends to try out the chat and everyone had a pleasant experience.

After two weeks, the website was up and running. Leads quickly converted into customers, and Marie was getting calls every day from Live Agents to let her know about potential customers.

Soon Marie’s husband’s diary was full of the names of his clients who were calling on him regularly. There were also requests for his repair services in other areas.

There were also online orders for Marie’s car accessories. She began express shipping packages to customers.

Her number of customers increased, her sales increased, and her earnings became stable. Marie was grateful that she could send her children to high school.

She was also thankful that her business was thriving. She knew this would be the beginning of her financial rewards.

Hopefully, the agents at Live Chat would continue to properly help her reach more clients. The agents had been instrumental in the success of the website.

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