What Are Live Chat Agents And How Do They Work?

Live Chat Agents are now a critical need for website owners to increase lead conversions and sales. Website owners are also now recognizing Live Chat Agents as an essential part of improving services to their customers.

If your Live Chat Agent has served him well and he is satisfied; a satisfied customer will return to your website again and again. These return visits will eventually turn into lead conversions and projected patronage for your services and products.

What are Live Chat Agents?

Live Chat Agents are well-trained individuals who act as information desks on a website. Through the use of Live Chat apps, the agents talk to website visitors about their concerns, questions and issues.

They act as assistants. Therefore, they communicate with the customers and later report the results to the owner.

Thus, you can be sure that your website will work well even without your online presence as long as the Live Chat Agents is there.

Would not that be a refreshing change of work strategy? Work less, but earn more.

How are Live Chat Agents trained?

Agents receive general training on how to deal with customers, chat etiquette and etiquette, and how to conduct question and answer sessions.

Then they are trained depending on the type of website they would be servicing. Here are the general steps that Live Chat Agents goes through.

Step #1 – The account manager in charge gathers the information about the website.

Once a new account signs up, the manager communicates with the website owner and gathers all the basic information needed to answer the likely questions of the website visitors.

The site owner works with the account manager in this process. You can then inform the trainer about your preferences.

Step #2 – The account manager trains the Live Chat Agents.

The account manager in charge trains the Live Chat Agents, focusing on the requirements of the website they are to manage. Agents can be accountable not only to the company, but also to you as the website owner.

This way, you can inform them of any preferences you have or any aspect you want them to focus on.

Step #3 – A trial chat is conducted.

After the specified training, a mock chat can be conducted depending on the manager’s assessment. If the manager feels that the agents can work efficiently without the mock chat, the agents go live on your website.

Step #4 – The live chat agents are released to their respective websites.

The agents then engage and interact with the visitors on your website. They answer visitors’ questions and motivate them to increase your conversion rates. There can be a team of 6 or more rotating agents for your website.

This depends on the requirements of your website. Hence, there may be a different agent on the weekdays. They also need to sleep.

Step #5 – Evaluate the performance of Live Chat Agents.

The performance of Live Chat Agents will be evaluated regularly and then summarized. You will receive a copy of all chat transcripts between your client and the Live Agents.

Through these steps, you are assured that the agents you hire are professionals who have extensive information about your website.

What are the tasks of Live Chat Agents?

1. Welcome visitors to the website.

The Live Chat box may pop up automatically, or the customer may be given the option to chat or not. The agent is the first person to welcome the customer to the website. Therefore, she must be friendly and courteous.

2. Manage the information desk.

The agent is responsible for manning the information desk. Thus, she inquires what the website visitor needs and guides them on how to navigate the site. They provide important data to help potential customers learn about the benefits of the services and products your website offers.

3. Answer basic questions about the website’s products or services.

As mentioned above, they are your sales people who can answer basic questions about your products and/or services.

They can be trained to answer more in-depth questions about your services and/or products. They can answer the more difficult questions so you can communicate with your potential customer. This is up to you to decide.

4. They can inform you of potential prospects and other important information.

The Live Chat Agents have the responsibility to contact you or the manager about potential leads and other information you need to know.

These are the main duties of your Live Agents. They have various smaller tasks that are related to these main tasks. Nonetheless, the agents will take care of the website in your place.

How can the services of Live Chat Agents be terminated?

The services of Live Agents can be terminated  if you cancel your subscription or if you have breached any of the terms of the agreement between you and Live Chat Agent.

If you have a problem with any of the agents, you may request a change of agent, but you must provide valid and documented reasons.

However, the agents would listen to you because they are trained to do so since you are the owner of the site.

Depending on the plan you have purchased, they will work 24/7 for your website. For basic packages that are cheaper, they usually work for less hours.

If you are hesitant because you think they are expensive, you can put your worries to rest; they are actually affordable.


When you hire Live Chat Agents, they will work for you as competent professionals who would manage and maintain your website – as per your instructions – 24/7.

Now that you know what they are and how they work, you may want to take your website to a whole new level by using these well-trained and highly skilled Chat Agents.

Do not miss the chance to adopt this innovation to provide your customers with incredible customer service on your website.

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